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A Private Investigation Firm Unlike the Others

Do you need private investigation services? If so, there’s something you should know. Many private investigators offer the same services. But that doesn’t mean all investigators have the knowledge and experience you deserve. So what makes our firm different from others?

Discovery Surveillance and Investigations has a level of experience and expertise not found in many P.I. firms. Our firm is owned and led by an investigator with years of law enforcement experience. Members of our investigative team also have police and undercover experience. That means when you hire us, you benefit from expert law enforcement knowledge. And that we have the experience to provide our services with less chance of being detected, unlike many other investigators.

Services Include, but Aren’t Limited to:

Why Do So Many People Put Their Trust in Us?

Our investigation firm is based in the Greater Tampa Bay, Florida area. But we can help people in need across America. We’re licensed, insured, and members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. What has earned us the trust of people just like you is our experience. Here’s why.

DSI is owned by Mark Browne, an investigator with over a decade of investigation experience. His law enforcement background includes service to the community through the Police and Sheriff’s Department. Mark worked undercover as part of a Narcotics unit, buying drugs without being suspected by criminals.

This experience helped Mark to learn the art of blending in with others.

To work without being suspected. And he puts this experience to use today, while doing surveillance for his clients. Because a key to good investigation is to do these services without raising suspicion. But there’s more to his experience which give clients peace of mind.

Lead investigator Mark Browne worked for years as a Homicide Detective. He received expert training in violent crime investigation. And how to do interviews and interrogations to uncover the truth. Our firm also uses a team that includes former undercover officers, skilled at uncovering facts without getting unwanted attention.

So when you hire our P.I. firm, your case will benefit from real law enforcement training and experience. We will combine expert knowledge with stealth, to offer you quality services that are discreet and confidential.

Now Discover for Yourself Why We’re Trusted

Join the family of clients that made the right choice, and chose DSI for their private investigation needs. We want you to have peace of mind, but we can’t help you unless you contact us. So schedule a free consultation today. Please call us now at 727-808-8523. Or just fill out the easy contact form on this page. You can also email questions to the owner directly