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criminal and civil case review investigation services for Tampa Bay Florida

Criminal and Civil Case Review

Have a criminal or civil court case that needs an extra set of eyes? If so, hiring a qualified private investigator may be right for you. At Discovery Surveillance and Investigations, we can assist with a variety of legal cases. Our licensed and insured investigative firm services Greater Tampa Bay and nationwide. Owned and operated by an investigator with law enforcement experience, we have the knowledge and experience you need.

So Why Hire a Private Investigator for Case Review?

A professional investigator has many tools available to help with a criminal case. Our firm can handle surveillance and crime scene photography. We are also able to perform interviews, background checks, and document searches. We can also gather helpful info and review evidence that law enforcement may have overlooked.

DSI can collect evidence that may prove an arrest or conviction was wrongfully made. And unlike law enforcement agencies which may have limited time to investigate things, a PI firm can look into your case around the clock.

What We can Help With:

  • Locating witnesses.
  • Checking police reports.
  • Reviewing copies of evidence.
  • Review of witness statements.
  • Interview witnesses.
  • Discover if new witnesses exist.
  • Perform background checks on witnesses.
  • Check for changes in witness accounts.
  • Find out if witnesses were improperly motivated.
  • Revisit crime scenes.
  • Look for inconsistencies.

And much more. Our lead investigator has a law enforcement background as detective and undercover officer. Which means we have the knowledge you deserve, and the ability to work without attracting unneeded attention. Plus, we offer services through (and get paid directly by) the Justice Administration Commission (JAC).

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