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Is Someone Cheating on You? Discover the Truth.

Right now, you want the truth. You need the truth. Nobody wants to deal with stress every day, worried about whether they’re being cheated on. Like everyone else, you just want some peace of mind. Well here’s the good news. Today is the day we start towards giving you that peace of mind. We’re here to help, and here’s how….

We’re Discovery Surveillance and Investigations. If you’re being cheated on, our goal is to get you proof. With photo and video surveillance, we can gather evidence for you. Our licensed and insured investigation firm services Greater Tampa Bay and nationwide. We have years of law enforcement and surveillance experience, so that your needs are met with expert help. And here’s the most important thing of all.

Your case is private. 100% confidential. Which means if we don’t find evidence that you were cheated on, no one ever has to know that you even checked on them. That way, you don’t risk your relationship.

Our firm is led by an investigator with years of law enforcement experience. He and his team members have undercover police training and experience. Which means it’s easier for them to blend in, and not be noticed. This is why our firm is the right choice for cheating investigations. While some investigators are often caught trying to do surveillance, we avoid unwanted attention and suspicion.

Here are the Warning Signs of Cheating

Obviously, not everyone who cheats shows the same signs. But here are the most common warning signs. If your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or partner:

  • Locks their cell phone even when only around you.
  • Gets nervous when you use their phone.
  • Leaves the room when making or answering phone calls.
  • Deletes texts or Facebook messages.
  • Has names you don’t recognize in their phone contact list.
  • Spends less time at home than usual.
  • Doesn’t seem as interested in sex as before.
  • Can be hard to reach by phone when not at home.
  • Has receipts for things – even small – they didn’t mention buying.
  • Recent call list on phone shows numbers with no names assigned.

You Know the Signs. Now Get the Truth.

Your peace of mind matters. To you, and to us. So don’t risk a sloppy investigation by choosing just any private investigator. Pick the one with real law enforcement and surveillance experience. Get a free quote on our services, call 727-808-8523 now. Or just fill out the quick contact form on this page. You can also email questions to