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What You May Not Know About Surveillance

You’re here because you need to keep an eye on someone, or your property. So you’re thinking about surveillance services, but there’s something you need to know…

Not all investigators offering surveillance services are the same. The level of experience an investigator has can make a big difference in how successful your case is. An investigator with limited surveillance knowledge can draw unwanted attention. And there goes any chance you had of keeping your investigation needs quiet and without notice. So how do you decide which investigator to hire?

Here’s Why so Many Trust Us

Experience. It’s a word that’s thrown around often. But when you choose Discovery Surveillance and Investigations, you benefit from the right type of experience. And that experience is having a background in law enforcement. But not just any type of law enforcement background.

The owner of DSI has years of experience working for the Police and Sheriff’s Departments as a detective and undercover officer. As part of a narcotics investigation unit, DSI owner Mark Browne was responsible for undercover drug buys. And through training and real experience, he learned to blend in, and avoid suspicion. So when you hire DSI, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a surveillance expert that knows how to avoid detection. So your investigative needs stay as quiet and private as possible. But that’s not all.

DSI has a team of professionals with access to high-tech surveillance equipment. So whether you need photo or video evidence, expect quality when you choose us for your needs.

Surveillance Services Available

Our licensed and insured PI firm offers a variety of services for Greater Tampa Bay, but also nationwide. Some of our services include:

  • Photo and video monitoring.
  • Monitor computer use.
  • Find out if a spouse is cheating or collect proof.
  • Countersurveillance if someone may be monitoring you.
  • Aerial Surveillance: We Go Where Others Can’t

    As you probably know, most private investigators are limited in surveillance services. They either travel by vehicle, or on foot. But there are problems with these limits. It can be harder for an investigator on foot to see what’s in concealed areas. It can be harder to track the movement of certain people, or to legally view what’s on their property. But here’s the difference when you hire DSI for your surveillance needs.

    We are able to offer aerial surveillance for a variety of services. We can take photos from the sky, in addition to ground work. We can search for vehicles, boats, and legally take pictures of areas otherwise impossible to photograph from the ground. We can also better perform certain accident investigations by air. But that’s not even the best reason why aerial surveillance can help an investigation.

    The owner of DSI is a commercial helicopter pilot and certified flight instructor with over 3,000 flight hours. With years of flight instructor experience, and flying for oil rigs as well as EMS services, he has the skills needed for expert aerial surveillance success. So if what you need is a level of monitoring not offered by most investigative firms, then you need to speak with the experts at DSI.

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