Insurance Investigations

DSI is a full-service insurance fraud investigative firm. We provide consultation and fraud investigations to insurance companies, third-party administrators (TPA’s), self-insured corporations, and defense attorneys.  We handle high profile cases to include both workman's comp and all liability cases.  

Workers compensation laws are intended to protect employees who get hurt in the workplace. Federal employees are entitled to two-thirds of their monthly salaries when out on disability, and even more if they are permanently hurt. All states have their own workers compensation laws. While these laws are vital to the stability of society, they can be corrupted. Employers must investigate individual cases to prevent fraudulent workers compensation insurance claims. In fact, workers compensation fraud costs insurance companies and the public billions of dollars every year.


Because benefits such as medical coverage are often part of the compensation people receive, many people out on disability have very little incentive to return to work. They can either stay at home, not work at all, and receive a portion of their salaries, or return to the daily grind at full pay. Some people opt for the former at the expense of their employers or the taxpayers. In most cases of insurance fraud, private investigators have no problem providing evidence that someone has been fraudulently receiving disability.


The only way workers compensation fraud can be proven is to show through surveillance that an individual can return to work and be productive. People often obtain jobs where they can earn cash and hide their income to avoid discovery.  Between the guaranteed paycheck and a part-time job that pays cash, people on disability can maintain their standard of living on much less work.

Fortunately for the government or any company paying workers compensation, investigations frequently reveal the people who commit fraud concerning the severity of their injuries.  Such findings relieve employers and taxpayers of funding a healed person’s extended vacation. 


General Liability (bodily injury or property damage) Investigations are a must for every company to protect their assets. Unfortunately, many people are running scams to collect money and put companies out of business for good.  The onyl sure protection is a professional investigative firm to find out any and all information about the claimant and run surveillance.  Auto Liability Investigations protect you from the damages caused to others. Whether it is for due diligence purposes to gather facts pertaining to an accident or to discover potentially fraudulent claims/activities.  DSI specializes in General Liability and Auto Investigations. We work hard to discover the truth, thereby limiting your exposure to risk.


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