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Workplace Violence / Threat Assessment Investigations

Under the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, businesses are required to maintain safe workplaces. Companies of all sizes are subject to a workplace violence incident.  Employees are on edge today as there is declining assurance of long term employment, and they are especially fearful of losing his/her health insurance and benefits.  Companies try to remain competitive, however they have to make changes which often is not understood by all employees. The results can include threats and attacks on management, fellow employees, vendors, and even customers. The company can face criminal prosecution and civil litigation resulting from some workplace violence incidents.

The most effective way to prevent workplace violence is knowing how to spot the signs in advance, and have a plan of action before a tragedy takes place. It is important to have workplace violence strategies in place, and even more important to prevent them happening in the first place. Two examples of such a long term strategy is as follows:

1. Employee Selection – Hiring the right employee the first time, and conducting a proper background check to include screening for drug problems and absentee issues. Often companies opt not to do this and hire people with a history of violence, which ends up as a negligent hiring lawsuit. The company is liable for criminal acts against employees, customers, and vendors when they are on corporate properties. Liability even exists for the employer off site in some instances.

2. Security – Having a safe and secure environment for employees, customers, and vendors. All of which could be victimized in a workplace violence incident. Safety would include the use of cameras as to deter and detect aggressive or other threatening behavior. Metal detectors are also ideal in larger companies as to prevent weapons from being brought into the workplace. DSI is also available to train staff on how to deal with Active Shooter Situations and provide on site training programs.


We can assist small to large companies establish threat assessment teams within the company to spot the signs of workplace violence and take corrective action. In addition we can provide on site workplace violence investigations in place of a company established team approach, and provide assistance in the defense of workplace violence legal actions.  DSI is also available to train staff on how to deal with Active Shooter Situations and provide on site training programs.

 Approximately half of all states have statutes that require employers to allow employees to store firearms in their own personal vehicle (Company vehicles are not included under this law).   All workplaces, regardless of their size, should have a firearms policy in their employee handbook or company manual.

We provide comprehensive threat assessment on incidents involving current and former employees. This also includes assessment on vendors and customers that have threatened key management and other employees.  

                                                                 Active Shooter Preparedness

DSI offers full training on active shooter preparedness solutions and how to react if an active shooter situation occurs. Many times, waiting for the police may not be fast enough and you need to save yourself.  We can train you on the steps to take and even offer practical training exercises for upper level staff.  Contact us today for more information.